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2022-11-28 14:27:01 (UTC)

j'ai faim

Sometimes I cannot tell whether I write in an exaggerated manner or if my thoughts and emotions are just that intense when read about.

It doesn't really matter though since I can't change the way I write.

Today has been alright. Got things done. Only 2 math things to get rid of. Makes me feel a bit proud but I remember that this isn't even where my day truly starts. The night was the biggest hurdle, always is. The morning and school is just a drag. My day begins in the afternoon when I get off the bus (vanilla, chocolate glasses, wide framed and awesomee).

Because I can't let the day go to waste. If I only go to school and do Homework I won't be satisfied because I also have wants that are completely separate from school. If I don't exercise or story progress or read some more, draw something, finish a show, an episode, a movie...I'll feel like my whole day was for school which isn't enjoyable. It'd be a waste. To be undeciding.

So I have things to do when I get home. A challenge, a race, against time with the need to sleep early, wake up early, have more time to myself.

vacuumworkexerciseshowerdrawwritelistenfrenchspanishnapeatdrink- ah yes because I've been feeling those inklings (using that word wrong maybe) of hunger since like 11-12. That's what I get for not eating breakfast or lunch but bro

-eating breakfast makes lunch hunger even more intense
-im too lazy to make a lunch and i dont like eating in front of people D:
-what if i get bigger? i mean nothing wrong with that but i dont particularly mind being reassured by hunger in the sense that maybe its whats keeping me from gett-

okay. so. i skip lunch and breakfast because im lazy.
and that means i end up eating at that 2nd lunch time (that does not exist) and eating dinner. but then eating after that too because I'll still be hungry after one serving.
as long as it works ig

chips and dip. im thinking. or noodles. bc everything else at home is pretty Lame.

Clothes were comfortable today. Nothing changed. I am reassured in my way of life once more (💀). i gotta fix my nail shapes, theyre bothering me. check my (ear)rings.

this is all very boring. even writing it. but im glad because it can be worse. it has been worse. so much worse.