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2022-11-28 06:40:43 (UTC)

It's Waiting For You

11:41pm Sunday

I'm here at the 24 hour Guard Shack. Loving the 8 hours of computer use; I've already uploaded reviews to Yelp and Google Reviews, just starting on this site.
Some household chores done. A friendly neighbor took my empty cardboard boxes to the recycle bin for me, nice. Yard still needs work but Wifey said "fuck it, let's just get the Christmas lights up." My words, not hers lol.
Also tonight; get an outfit for the Ren Faire and an elevator speech on who my character will be. We're aiming for the Tudor/Elizebethan period so yeah. I might do an African Guy or something from that time, like Morgan Freeman from Robin Hood etc, we'll see how it goes.
Also, get my shit together with my "to-do" folder and lists to do shit. Stop fucking around, yes?
Feel good, cardio today an off day. Usually I don't do anything but....and back to volunteering (work out) tomorrow.
Had a dream I got with a co-worker's ex-girlfriend and it went South drama wise, I lost everything. SO glad it was one of those dreams where you wake up and say to yourself "yourself, thank God it was just a dream."

It's getting closer!