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2022-11-27 01:03:40 (UTC)

I Am Jesus


So, I have a confession... I am not actually Jesus. But hear me out, I am holy as hell!... Wait a sec... Nvm umm, yeah, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I finally got that jaw surgery for that hole in my jaw. If you didn't know (which you definitely don't since who reads someones diary in entirety on here) I had a jaw cyst thingy, which is pretty much a hollow bit in my jaw. They originally found it when I was 8 and did surgery to scrape around in there but we just recently discovered that it hadn't healed so I got another surgery at 14! Yay... According to the orthopedic surgeon guy he's never had that procedure not work on someone in all his years of working so that's nice as well. Apparently, it could also be a different rare type of cyst that comes back which needs more drastic measures to be taken to take it out. They sent a tissue sample out now so I guess I'll hear the results in two weeks. Well, one week now since it's been a few days.

I'll write more here later, I wanna start a new entry real quick. Brb lol

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