Subtropical Lady

Where Pelicans Fly
2022-11-27 22:23:08 (UTC)

1 or 2 Problems?

I was all set to write, and then I realized that I really don’t have much to say. Tomorrow I go for the stomach ultrasound and hope for the best. I realize that just because they may not see anything doesn’t mean there still isn’t a problem. Having the runs multiple times a day for a month is not normal.

Tom brought up a good point when he said that maybe the upper right cramps I’ve been having on and off for years aren’t connected to the lower stomach pain that comes before I get sick which could mean I have two problems. I get the feeling they are connected, but it’s very possible that they’re not. I think the problem is going to come down to IBS, gallbladder issues, or worse, some kind of new autoimmune disease. Whatever isn’t a quick fix and that instead requires medication I can’t handle the side effects of will be the case with my shit luck. I don’t expect to learn anything tomorrow, though. I’m sure the technician will need to pass the results on to my doctors, and then they’ll contact me the next day.

I just hope this doesn’t amount to too many more appointments, money, and pain! It’s just that California taught me that one appointment tends to spawn more. Whatever it takes, though, to hopefully fix this problem or at least make it so I can have my life back again. It’s great to feel good emotionally, but I’m grounded at home. I can’t really go anywhere or do anything if my stomach’s going to explode at random, although it’s not totally random. No, it likes to pick on me around bedtime. That’s part of why I’m exhausted. I was up 18 or more hours the last couple of days. Tomorrow, I have to worry about the garbage truck waking me up, just like old times. At least not eating 8 hours prior to the appointment will be easy because I won’t be getting up until shortly before the appointment.

Got a hard rain earlier, although briefly. I also heard a few rounds of thunder.

Going to spend the night diamond painting and working out gently in Iceland. Then I’ll play some golf and do my meditation. Plus I’ll watch a Lifetime movie and pretty much veg out.