Evolving marriage
2022-11-27 18:15:08 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
Well this turned out to be a sexual marathon weekend, whew! (This entry is Rated R for Adult Sexual Content)

We had the edibles, laid on the couch, he started a movie. I was on my laptop, we had the tree up.

We had been out and done all the nice holiday things and all the things Ive talked about being unhappy about he did them with me. It was just a nice end to a Holiday wknd. Especially after the previous stuff that had happened.

I ended up scooting over next to him on the couch, side by side under the blanket, put his hand on my leg. I didnt have panties on, just the dress and thigh highs, he worked a little slow with the touching, he was into the movie, but eventually he caught on, and its all just a blur of sex, love making, fucking, him cumming on me and I felt it hit all the way up to my neck! He was standing between my legs edge of the bed.

I have no idea how long it went on for, but we crashed out, Oh well I did get up and have a cookie for a snack, and I may have continued with the vibrator after? I lose all sense of time with edibles. And I get super horny and can go on forever and continue to orgasm.

We passed out and I got in bed alone, he was on the couch, I didnt wake him, I slept till about 5:30 am and woke up and was aroused again and wanted some fun. So I went and woke him to come to bed, he did, and I told him "loose the pants" which he did. I had a few candies in my mouth, chewed those and moved my head down to his cock, hes on his side facing me, and Im on my side facing him, with my pillow and right up against his cock. I had been wanting to do this, continued for awhile, I could tell he wasnt going to cum as he had how many hours before? And I grabbed the vibrator and teased myself while sucking on him. We then moved to the edge of the bed, I loose track of everything but I asked him to get a toy, one of the dildos with the knot and he did. We went at it for a long time and then passed out again, it was still dark, and I had the dildo which as a knot inside of me, it felt so good, and the knot kept it from sliding out, so I left it inside of me. It was arousing to feel it when I woke or moved, so full and in so far, it was hitting my cervix when he was using it and I was having cervival orgasms.

So I laid there, feel aroused and watched videos of guys using toys like this on their wives, and then I got some more lube, oiled myself back up with the dildo, and I got the heart butt plug and put that in, and then had my ass towards him, hes fast asleep, I oiled up my nipples also while I was at it, and eventually it was day light and near 8am and I took his hand and wrapped it around my breasts. And then played with my nipple and encouraged his hand to do the same, he laughed, which I know it means hes exhausted from before and hes laughing that Im horny again.

I kept at the nipple play, rubbing it with his finger, both our fingers,,, and eventually he got more into it, he had no idea I had things inside of me at this point, till he moved down low with his hand and realized the Knot dildo was in me and he said "Oh my you are a bad girl, have you had this in all this time?" I said yes, he still didnt know about the butt plug! He proceeded to push the one into me and drive me crazy, and pulled it out. I was gaping wide, it has been in me for hours and I knew I would be, and he put his cock into me and commented on how it felt. It turned us both on. Then he alternated himself and the dildo, and then he shoved his cock in me with the dildo, Oh my gosh, I Was just going nuts, still wanting him to find the butt plug, took him awhile as we were going at it and I said I wanted him to touch my ass he said "Do you want it in your ass?" I said Yesss. Then he found the plug and again said "Oh you are a bad girl" and removed it, and pressed his cock inside my ass no problem. I had been well lubed, open from the plug and super aroused. So I laid on my back but when he would put the dildo back in it pushed him out or vice versa, too much going on in that position, so I said lets change, and I stood up and bent over the bed, and he put the toy in my pussy from behind and his cock slide right into my ass perfectly, no pain, it felt great and he went at it, and I just made a ton of noise as it felt good and I held the dildo so he could focus on ramming me good from behind, telling me hes going to cum in my sweet ass and fill me up and I said Yes how much I wanted that. Please.

So things were pretty wild and crazy up till he came. I could barely stand, he was light headed, and we laid back down and I grabbed the vibrator, and he laughed again and I put the dildo back in me laying beside him, woa, I knew I was gonna cum right away I could feel it, and got one last orgasm in. And we laid there, me on his side, exhausted, laughing and not saying much, and Im realizing how close the wknd time after that explosion has been about re uniting, him and I.

I got up and took a shower, made a bowl of granola and fruit with almond milk, and Im going to put my makeup on and get dressed, we have paperwork to complete today for a signing this wk, and I want to go do laps at the track again today, sun is out!

Think I have had enough? Wow I was horny.. we went at it before bed, this am, then again this am.

I told hubby he did a good job keeping up with me, he laughs, cause Im crazy energizer bunny and he says how tough and exhausting it is at times, but he hung in there, no more of this leaving me behind stuff like he used to do, I can keep cumming and its okay and he wants me too