The Dairy Of Oblivion
2022-11-13 15:31:00 (UTC)

N. I despise you

I cant Take this shit anymore. I can’t handle how this fucker spits in my face almost every fucking day, how he lies to me and how he made my head a fucking mess. I tried so much for him, I changed myself for him, I turned my life upside down for him and all he can do is bark at me like a rabid dog every time he wishes, idk even what I’m doing wrong, almost every reply from him is “shut it” or “go away tf” okay if I was you I wouldn’t like to text with me too but oh god it’s not right what you’re doing. N. Just fuck yourself I’m sorry and I wish we never met, although you were the first person who made me feel loved but then violently took it away from me. God, I wish we both rot alone