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2022-11-27 15:59:03 (UTC)


Life is finding routines again, and I have enough work balanced with enough fun that I’m starting to find things enjoyable again. And the house is sparkling clean this morning which always makes me happy. I winterized my raised garden beds yesterday, finally planted some garlic (which should have been planted a month ago) and did some yard clean up before heading to a wreath making event with a friend.

I’m a little worried about my friend. I have known her since grade school. She is married to an overbearing neanderthal. She has always been a little snippy herself, but last night she was just unhappy. She is one of my “12”, I think I’m going to need to get in a little closer with her and see if I can’t find out why.

Black Friday went well, I did check a number of things off my list, but then came home and did most of the shopping via Amazon.