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The Importance of Being Earnest...and Frank
2022-11-27 06:49:08 (UTC)

It Can't Rain All The Time

11:48pm Saturday

One OT day or night, yea. About to check the upcoming paycheck coming for this week, hopefully it's a good one.
Thanksgiving was good; Wifey made the food and stuff, mostly ahead of time; vegetarian and keto options for her and some of the kids. 23 yr old's housesitting but came over for dinner, yay. 14 yr old doesn't get along with her but everything was for the most part cool. I did overeat but not like usual, yea for that.
Black Friday deals? Wifey and I got up early and hit the store on base. Not like years ago with crazy lineups, there was less than 10 people in line at opening and we found our stuff either in store or online. I'm guessing since covid and stuff most are online shopping and also thank God we don't live in or near a Big Town where traffic and other customers are a big deal anymore. Been there, done that and in hindsight it was an experience, but we can do without it.
Volunteering to help setup the biannual yard sale like I do, I felt better working out etc beforehand and even though I'm sore it's not as b4. Not going to the gym as it's been workout the last few days unloading storage areas and setting up tables, etc. I just need to stretch more b4 and after, you know?
Of course we put the tree up. Wifey had Christmas on her mind of a bit, the music and background streaming in full bloom. And I did get a little front yardwork done...it's something!

But enuff about me, how are you doing? I'm gonna find out by reading posts tonight and all. Well, take care and eat some fruit if possible!