Evolving marriage
2022-11-27 03:48:36 (UTC)

What will Happen?

Dear Diary,
Today wasnt too bad. We had sex this am, for a good long while, then we went to a Christmas market, out to lunch, came home and went and walked some laps at the high school and then I ran the last one, felt good!

Hung at home awhile, then dinner, still thanksgiving leftovers, and then made hot chocolate and walked to the town tree lighting, parade, free donuts, and walk back home, we were dressed all warm and cozy, got in and got the tree up (no decorations have to dig those out still) But Im proud of myself for getting the tree up, asked him to carry it in from the garage and he was being very sweet today after all we have discussed, he kissed me at the parade in public (hes not a PDA guy but he did it) and he helped me put the tree up and kissed me around the tree.

I put on Christmas music, he cleaned up the kitchen and leftovers, etc. And we are having edibles tonight, put on a movie, and I lathered up my body in coconut oil, put on a ruffled white dress and striped thigh black stockings, light perfume(very light) and Foria arousal oil in the special place.

Camped on the couch with hubby....

Will see how rest of the eve goes.....