Lilac lavendar2

Starting over
2022-11-27 00:28:03 (UTC)


In a world that's full of hope,
Why am I alone?
Had this feeling so long
My serotonin"s gone
Even when I get high
Why do I feel so low
Never good at goodbyes I hold on
I hate the man I see when I see myself
A reflection of hell
All the lies I told are burning holes inside
And I don't I don't know why
I broke a promise to myself
Not good at goodbyes, I hold on
If I jumped off this ledge
Would you catch my fall
Would you care at all
Wondering if I can really make it
Feeling so depressed I've been humbled and humiliated
All the truths I've mistaken for the
Things I thought save me
It's like nobody knows at any given second
I feel like I might explode
I broke a promise to myself

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