kool tears and dreamz
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2022-11-27 00:02:58 (UTC)

reflections on my studies

There is so many confusion in people's life. There is so many things to do yet so little time.
The world is full of wonders yet so full of misery.
My dear, dear, God. You that makes all of this. You that creates and destroys. You know what you are doing but they always blame you for answering their wishes. Their minds are filthy, and so, you give them filth, as they feed on it yet they blame you after eating it. They complain because they don't know what they're doing. They contaminate others, threatening them to eat filth too. So, you also give them filth too.
It's like asking someone to stab you then complaining that they stabbed you. Please, just make up your mind.

Dear God, that never lets anything escape your wheels of eyes, you know what people do yet you they refuse to acknowledge their mistakes.
God says: "I see you. But I can't feel you". You... if you say that, you already failed. Then He says: "I see you. And, now, I feel you. You are real. I love you because I know that you are real". If you say this, then you are successful.

See. If He knows it's because I know. I know many things. I know that those things are real. I live though Him and he lives through me, because we are one. If you act like me, then you accomplish brilliance.

But, if you sin against Him, and keep pitying your sins, you will fail. You will live miserable. You have to fight your sins. No hero defeats a villain without fighting. No hero is truly brave if he sulks in and does not face his fears.

As my comprehension would lead me to believe, the Devil will play with your mind, as he lives to constantly nag you about all the things you don't have, and harassing your thoughts, tainting them with hopelessness. He's a big bully. After he's done messing with your perceptions of self, you will keep them inside, altered. So, if those poisonous thoughts keep barging in your head it's because you want them. If you want them, He will give you. And it's just fair. The process of giving woks just like that.
Negativity seems to have a great impact on people, so, they will feel it more intensely than positivity. If that's what they think it's real then they will be real, as He only gives what he's asked to.

Maybe it's time to use the process in a different way. The whole process, I mean. Him, His Son and The Spirit. The Trinity.
It's time to stop perceiving the world so ruggedly. If you really understood the ancients message, you would pass the test. They knew not everyone would get it. At least, not directly. Humanity knew but at the same time they did not.
The use of their minds was inert, very human like. It's only natural to know that. It's just... that it was not complete. Do they really know when they say they ascended or they need something more?

It's a worldwide phenomenon. Yet so little people fully understand. I mean, to be aware. There are some natural talented people, but they lack awareness. And there is some people who are aware but they lack will.
Keep going. Keep winning. You can do it. I know that. You have to understand that you can.
Don't leave those thoughts in your mind only. Feel them. They're real. Be firm. Be persistent. Your dreams are already done.

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