Dream Scribe

2022-11-27 12:33:00 (UTC)

Farewell To The Stars.

They fall like rain,
Out of a clear, blue sky :
Five bright stars ;
Their dim-light dances with
The Wolf man.

The fig tree leans
Into the Far Winds...
Over The East Bridge ;
Thwarting the hand
Trying to pluck its fruit.

Where is The Last Night Ship racing to?
And who shall rescue The Fallen?
When will Her Namesake
ever be Found?
Upon whose head shall the
Crown find rest?
What rhymes more with
The Love of Many?

Be ever humble.
Never eat at the
Kingman's Table before nightfall.
For he serves just desserts
That kill.

The Watchman grows angry,
The Prince is pleased.
He writes on His Tablet a fine,
And sues The Proud Henchman
for Two Hours of Grace.
So, we watch and we pray ;
We lose time and gain Eternity.
They will soon discover
a bitter prize on the
Long Arm of Tomorrow ;

An arm which spans a millennium.
A million homing pigeons
have landed in
The Valley of The Past,
as history weeps for its kinsfolk.

And Justice we seek,
Blind Justice we carry,
True justice we
Ever serve.

We cannot measure
the exact dimension
Of the Human Condition
We can only hope
That the next cold sunrise
Will illuminate the best of them.
There are too few
Guards of The Universe ;
That's all it needs.

Love makes The World
stay round.

🍃The End🍃