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2022-11-26 17:33:17 (UTC)


I’m 59% through the challenge. I went through New Hampshire, Montreal, Israel, and now I’m in Austria. So far, Israel was the only ugly ride. It was even more barren than Maricopa with nothing but dirt. I did a different area of Israel several months ago that wasn’t pretty but it was nicer.

I was surprised to see our Maricopa house listed as being 2280 square feet. I thought it was 2100 square feet. This place was on 10 acres. The Phoenix place was 1471 on a 7000 square foot lot. The California place was 1550, and this one isn’t even 1000. We’ve really downsized!

Screw the idea of posting in batches because that actually makes more work for me and more confusion trying to decide what parts of my journal I want to share on what sites. Much easier to go around to all the sites to correct any typos I may find later on, after all.

Grabbed a few more Black Friday deals. One of them is a complete witchcraft kit for beginners. LOL. I know it sounds funny, but I figure that if I didn’t ask for and didn’t try to develop my intuition to the point of having dream premonitions, vibes/feelings when awake, plus the ability to influence things at times, depending on my mood, how good might I get at this kind of thing if I actually try to develop it.

I also grabbed a couple more nightgowns. One has cherries on a pale pink background, and another has white clouds against a pale blue sky.

Then I got a new mouse. This one is also wireless but chargeable. What’s cool about it is that it has color-changing LED trim around the edges. He got one in black, and I got one in light pink. I’m going to use it with my laptop. If I like it, I’ll get the mint green one for my desktop.

My stomach is better today, but that’s only because of the Imodium pills I took. I’m still trying to guess what it could be… IBS, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, gallbladder, or something else.

I thought it could only be the gallbladder unless I was in excruciating pain. But according to Tom, that’s not true. They accidentally discovered gallstones and his mother when they were looking for something else. I remember my mother howling from kidney stone pain, but I shouldn’t get that. I don’t drink too little water. I don’t exercise too little or too much. I’m fat but never had weight loss surgery. I don’t like salt, and I don’t eat that much sugar.

I’m sure it will be whatever is the toughest to treat since I never seem to get off easy in life. I’m a little worried about being misdiagnosed or them not being able to figure it out at all. When I think of Crohn’s, I remember Aly. They told her that’s what she had until it turned out to be a mass on her ovary. She had different symptoms, though.

The only things I can be sure that I don’t have are cancer or COVID. I would definitely have other symptoms along with what I’ve got.