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2022-11-26 12:32:45 (UTC)

Best workout in awhile😵🤯😮😛😛😛😛

Man oh man!! Today's workout was so much fun. There is a bonus workout after class called the red zone. That means if you're wearing that my-zone gadget (similar to a fit bit), you will be near max heart rate in the 90% or higher. It was full of burpees, box jumps, rowers (not my fave), bikes, jump ropes, sprints, and of course my most favorite ever, punching bags!! I was pushed to my limit. 2 hrs of working out. The 2nd of the 2 workouts was high intensity cardio. I love cardio but this session pushed me to my limits. Whew!! So exhausting yet so rewarding after you're done. We had to partner up again for sone of the stuff and someone stole my Gym Sis from me. Lol. So I got stuck with this lady and she didnt want to pair up with me saying I will kill her. Lol. It was ok though. It was a timed session so no matter how fast I went, she didnt and couldnt get pushed to go faster so she lived. I'm so full of the good natural chemicals now that my weekend will be fantabulous for sure.

I'm supposed to hang with my meetup group today but I couldn't make it in time. So it'll be just running errands. Still haven't waxed my truck in a month so I really need to get butt and get it done. Also, I think it's time to finally put up Christmas decorations. I guess it's been awhile since the ex took the kiddos and I just wasn't into it anymore. Things are still the same but now my outlook on life seems to be even better.

In other not so happy news, the other night, my roommate was talking about her work again. You know when people just out of courtesy and making small talk ask how your day was? Well, I made the stupid mistake of being cordial in the house and roommate tells me about her day in detail. Oh man, did I regret that. Finally, after all these weeks, I told roomie that she's always negative and she'll be happier if she tries to stay positive and avoid negative people at work if they just don't get along with her.

Well, she took it wrong and says "Ok then. I just won't talk about work if you think I'm so negative" I told her she's taking it the wrong way. I tried to spin it into a positive conversation and told her that I appreciate her staying here helping with the rent and I think it's well worth it to decrease the rent and she in turn help clean the community area. Well, she lost it again and said "Is that all you think of me?". I was about to reply that this is a business deal and this is what we agreed upon.

I was confused and I knew if I did say what I was thinking, she'd freak out even more. I reminded her that this is a drama free home. I don't yell and I don't swear. I told her I already share my food I buy because it's silly to buy a pie knowing it'll spoil. Same with the rotisserie chicken I buy and I even buy boxed wine to share with her so I don't see why she's not happy.

Well, she finally said that she finds me very attractive. Wth? So I asked point blank "So do you want to have sex with me now? Is this what you're wanting". Is this what you want to include in rent?! Caught her off guard and she replies with "No, I love in in God's way". Obviously back pedaling. Then I noticed she was drinking and she was drinking my wine by the way. Asked her if she was drunk and she said no but I think she was.

The night ended with me saying that I already have her rent lower than the ave rental rooms by about $300 a month. I share my food and my wine with her too. Last one I found empty and I didn't even take a drop of it. If she's not happy, she can move out. Again, she took it the wrong way and said "I'll move if you want me to.". Sigh.... People surely isn't right in the head and have either selective hearing or is really just toxic. I had to have her repeat what I said and she said that I wanted her to move. I had to correct her and told her again that if she isn't happy, then she has the right to move. I had to have her repeat it so it sort of gets absorbed into her head.

Note to self. Cutoff the free wine to my roommate. I may have to bring some woman home that my shallow self likes so she can see where that landlord roommate line is drawn. Btw, yeah, I'm shallow when it comes to the women I like. They aren't fat and they can't be old. She's both and sorry but not sorry. I just get turned on by a certain type of woman and she ain't, I don't mix business with pleasure.

Anyway, if she wants, she can move and pay $300 more than what I charge. She'll be sharing a bathroom this time and at times with 3 other people unlike the private bathroom she has right now. She may have to split utilities with the household where I included all utilities in my rent. Pretty sure it won't come with free chicken, pies, a snack table, and wine. Maybe if she worked for Twitter she may have that but I hear even that's being cutoff at Twitter.

Anyway, it's a nice sunny day. Got errands to run and two days to do it. Staying positive and I won't tell roomie but this is all I see her as. A financial transaction and nothing more.

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