Pillar of Light

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2022-11-25 22:48:03 (UTC)

Sister time

I felt like taking my toddler out somewhere fun today so I thought of the aquarium. I invited my sister to come with her baby who just turned 1.

I was glad she wanted to come, and we rode together in her car. She was using her phone while driving, I was on edge the whole time. She was already so anxious about the baby whining in the car, I really didn’t feel like lecturing her about keeping her eyes on the road.

My sister is very impatient and stressed out. She gets overly angry over little things. I wish I knew how to help her with that. As we were walking in the aquarium she said to me “why didn’t you talk me out of becoming a mother”. I giggled and said well you do lose some of your sanity when you become a mother. She said “SOME”?

I know she’s been having a hard time handling the baby. Her and the father are not married or living together. My mom helps her, but they also bump heads a lot; which makes it even more stressful.

It was a nice trip, regardless of the other stuff. I mean that is normal mom stress and it happens. We haven’t had many opportunities to do things together with the kids. Seemingly she’s still getting the hang of it. Our girls both enjoyed it, especially mine because she is old enough to understand. She also played with her baby cousin, and helped her stop crying in the car ride.
It was cute having them together.