Subtropical Lady

Where Pelicans Fly
2022-11-25 12:38:59 (UTC)

Story Idea


One of the things I forgot to say is that a couple of days ago, they did remove my comment on the obit. I hope the termite notices and will be anything but pleased, LOL. I thought of slowly, one by one, requesting the seven remaining comments to be removed but then said nah. Too risky. Even if nothing could be proven, I don’t want the pigs showing up at our door, suspicious.

Jim accepted my friend request and said they have 30 days to sell their house or they’ll lose the one they want and will stay here. He said he felt like he was back in New York yesterday. Yeah, and I kind of felt like I was in NorCal! It’s just a shame that while Jesse’s mutts spoiled the peace of Auburn, the planes are spoiling an otherwise quiet place here. I’ll still take the planes over the mutts, though.

The perfect ending to my honker story, which I’ve decided to title You’re Not Welcome Here, came to mind. In Florida, the curse is on them. Once they get back to Canada, I’ll have everything go just fine for a while. But then he becomes cursed. He’ll be fucking his wife nonstop who will get sore and fed up. Then she finally talks him into making an appointment to get help for the mysterious and outrageous appetite he acquired all of a sudden.

So he puts a full tank of gas in the truck and off they go. Soon Kari realizes they passed the doctor’s office, but when she mentions it to him, he just gives her a maniacal grin and drives on. Kari can’t escape because the door is locked and she can’t get it open. They drive until they run out of gas. The story will end with him fucking her nonstop. I’m just going to spell their names as Darren and Carrie because that’s what speech-to-text likes best.


I had my first normal bowel movement in nearly a month, only to end up with three attacks of the runs following it over the next handful of hours. I realize this would be a complete nightmare for me if it hadn’t been for the trauma and anxiety I experienced. This is nothing compared to that, but it would still be nice if it stopped because I’m not going to be able to do things or go places if it doesn’t.