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2022-11-25 15:31:38 (UTC)

Black friday

I’m going shopping. I don’t like Black Friday and any of what it stands for but I have items on my list and find that they are often half off. So… for that reason alone Im going shopping today.

One of these days very soon I need to just lay in bed all day and watch tv. Moving, holiday, rearranging a house, coordinating appointments to get things done, oh and our insurance company sent an email saying they would be doing a home inspection… great… while we are in the middle of renovations and have furniture still moved about in the upstairs bedrooms. Sigh. At least it’s clean and the rooms that are set up are pretty.

Thanksgiving was well done. We ended up at my moms, plus a couple days before thanksgiving we hosted a mini one in our home. I am thankful for leftovers and not having to cook for the next couple of days!

Brothers, both mine and my husbands brother, are worrying us. My brother sent an unkind email again, I did my best to answer but ignore. I answer because I don’t want him to think it’s ok, but I answer as minimally as possible. Why would anyone want to fight with everyone all the time? What kind of life would that be? And my husbands brother is still having issues with alcohol. My husband and his other brothers have been actively taking him to people to try to help him, but I do not fully understand why they don’t drag him to a treatment center, maybe they need his cooperation. I worry very much that this brother in law will die from this.