Pillar of Light

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2022-11-25 14:50:42 (UTC)

Beauty of The Cemetery

Visiting the cemetery yesterday was more peaceful than I expected. I didn’t even cry, although I did cry earlier in the morning. I just felt like his soul was happy, and there was no reason to bring any negative sad energy.

Then, my toddler picked up two of the roses we bought and asked if she could put it over there. I said sure. She was drawn to the only grave without a headstone and placed the two roses. In my mind I was surprised at her intuition. Did she feel that woman’s soul needed love? I read the small faded tag on her grave “Annabelle 1945-2008”. She had been gone for a while and her family never got her a tombstone, seemingly not visited recently.
Children can definitely feel things that we do not. Perhaps it’s true that our souls need someone to remember us, pray for us. Proof that we are not just gone when we die.
Some people think of cemeteries as a scary creepy place. I love the cemetery. You can feel the connection of our bodies to the earth. Our physical bodies are a beautiful part of nature, and the connecting spirit world is all around us. Seeing the flowers and decorations placed on graves in memory and tribute make me feel peace and love.