The Queen

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2022-11-25 19:31:31 (UTC)


I'd maybe planned too much, I'd burdened myself. Or what I said I'd do, I did not do as I planned.
I did a photoshop, html, figma I open and close honestly. I did illustrator bc too. yet it's not really THAT fulfilling.

I just remember watching a beheaded bull, it's underside towards sky, abhorrent. I have seen a living goat with this big of a ▬.
People who get animals sterilized are so vile.

It's 25 November.

There's 3 decisions I have a choice from.
Either I strive to make a career and get therapy. (if therapy works with changing mindset)
the state of giving up is I get married. in getting married also there are two ways. either I give up the mindset change effort, marry = suicide.
I marry = get therapy and can access all that I can have access to on earth.
the state of giving up is I commit suicide.

With therapy the ordeal is, even though I know I need therapy. I'm confused that does religion not provide therapy? Even bintermanno said therapy first then marriage.

Remembering when my aunt says, Earning for time pass. Ha ha. You get your fallopian tubes cut for time pass. Because when your time isn't getting passed, that's what you tend to do.

The nag of assuming and commenting about others life.

Sometimes I feel behance is useless too. What is there to like in the projects of mine that have been liked.