kool tears and dreamz
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2022-11-25 14:25:47 (UTC)

friday thoughts

Dark thoughts sometimes plague my mind.
It seems that one moment I'm happy and then the next, I'm sad.
I've been faking a smile to everyone I know. I can't stop giggling and being silly. I joke, I laugh, but it's all a coping mechanism. It's not really me, ya know? It's a perception.
My birthday is tomorrow. I can't wait. I invited my best friend. I don't know what my family are planning for tomorrow, but I don't mind. I like surprises.

Today the air is fresh and clean. It feels good to feel the wind of autumn. It's cold, very cold, but sunny. Our beautiful star blesses us with warmth in chill days like this one.
I brushed my dog's fur, he loves being groomed and spoiled. I also gave my bird some pets and played with my hamster, so he could exercise a bit. I've been taking good care of him for two years now, and he looks happy and healthy.

I'm having trouble with my sleep. I'm restless. It hurts to know that that's the reason I'm so cranky, well, maybe not the only reason but it's a huge contributing factor.
Maybe I should

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