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2022-11-25 08:49:30 (UTC)


I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving.
In my house I do 95% of the cooking so Thanksgiving was no different.
My Brother in law came over (more about that later)
I do enjoy cooking, and cooking such a big meal requires planning, to make sure everything comes out hot at the same time.
All that work and then the dinner is over within 30 mins lol
This year I decided to use the crock pot to help keep things warm and out of the oven, as we have so much in there already.
Did the mash potatos early and then threw them into the crock pot to keep warm. Made stringbean casarole in the crock pot too.
Over all I enjoy having my family there. This year we had to have an even earlier dinner, b/c two of my kids had to leave early. Not a big deal we ate at 2pm.
The big deal as always is my brother in law. They are ALWAYS LATE. We told them that we needed to eat at 2pm, he made a comment earlier in the week and said he would come at 10am. Sure.....but in my mind I knew that wouldnt happen. They didnt get there until 3:!5, we didnt wait and ate wihtout them, b/c well they are always late. My Sister in law is also a good cook so we really didnt get to sample too muh of her food as everyone was already in a food coma by the time they got there. Now back to my brother in law. I'm not particularily close to him. Mostly b/c he's a boob. There is no other way to describe him. He's not a bad guy or anything, just a boob. Every time he comes over he sits on his ass and does nothing. I know he is a guest, but he literally does NOTHING. He will sit at the table and he wont eat if his wife wont set him a plate. I mean really ??? the food is 10 inches from you, make your own fucking plate. One time his wife didnt make a plate for him, so he didnt eat. They also have a little "rat dog" he's cute and all that, but he's about 5 lbs and is always trying to mount my two dogs who are girls. My girls growl at him every time, and there is never any real damage, but you would think this little dog would know by girls dont play. LOL It's actually pretty funny watching this little shit try to mount my dogs. I have two pitties. For the most part my dogs treat him as a play thing. But this rat dog is also young, 2 years old, and it kills me b/c he could be sitting there watching as he wife yells at him, get him XXXXXX he's about to pee. And all my brother in law does is sit and watch and then yell at his dog for peeing in the house. How about getting up off of your ass and taking him out so tht he doesnt pee in our house. This little rat dog also pees on their beds, yes he's spiteful. So now when they come over the area rug is rolled up and my dog bed put away. I feel bad b/c my dogs love their bed, but b/c my brother in law doesnt watch his dogs, my dogs can be comfortable when they come over. Every time we would ahve to throw their beds into the washer afterwards. A few more BIL rants and I'm done. They are also the ones that are LAST to LEAVE.
Get the fuck out already will ya. It's a running joke now, they will be "getting ready to leave" for 3 hrs ALWAYS. They will be sitting at the table with their coats on for at least an hour every time, talking. The funny thing is for the first 3 to 4 hrs my BIL doesnt really talk he just sits there playing on his phone, but whenever they are ready to leave he;s a fucking chatty cathy. SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO HOME. At least this time they finally left around 9:30. But that is only b/c his wife had to work this morning. I wont even get into my niece. I love her, but she is a princess, she's an only child, and some of the things she says or the way she says it to her parents. I dont like it, and there are times, when I'm alone with her I try to talk to her. MY kids dont always like her either, but I tell them, as her older cousins, and b/c she doesnt have brothers or sisters, that it's their job to put her in her place, as if she were their baby sister. IF she says something dumb or ignorant, it's their job to correct her, so that she doesnt say or do that out in the real world. That I would much rather she get a verbal tongue lashing from her cousins than outside where she may get punched in the face for being stupid. A lot of this is learned....from my BIL

Of course I say all of this with a half tongue in cheek, I really do love it when they come over....but just get the fuck out. Last Thanksgiving they didnt leave until 11:30 at night so I should be really thanksful that they left at 9:30.