Little escaping from real world
2022-11-25 12:47:00 (UTC)


Love? I always used to wonder what love meant. Even though I never felt or experienced love myself I always used to get curious about it as a child. Though as I grew older, I realize my views on love are way different. For me, love and relationships are more about co-dependency. I remember someone asked me what love was for me, I remember pondering that question for days and months. Though I think I have some idea of what love is though I might be wrong. For me, love isn't like fairytales, where Prince Charming shows up and sparks fly and boom that's love, I don't think I believe in love on the first night. Love is much deeper than anything, it's when we want the other person to be happy when we want to see them grow. I know some people say love is blind but I think love is not blind, when we love someone we just love them wholly, their scars, their past, nothing matters, and holding against someone for their past isn't right in my eyes especially if that person has turned on a new leaf. Sometimes I feel like my pov on love is too far from realistic especially when I listen to my peer's "relationships" I don't really agree with some points of them but I don't say anything either, I mean I haven't been in love so what can I know right? Though I believe love is about giving and a relationship is all about co-dependency and give and take, I mean you can't be the only one giving all effort right? And you can't be the one who takes everything and does not give either. Some say they don't know when the other person is right or 'the one' I wonder why they ask that I mean we always know the answer, we all do, deep within our hearts we always know when the other person is right for us and when they are not. I still have a lot to learn about love and a lot more to learn about life itself. Though I don't believe I will ever meet that "love" I am talking about but if I do I wanna give my best in that

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