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2022-11-25 05:55:55 (UTC)

Thanks / Giving

I have much to be thankful for, not the least of which is My beautiful whore, deanne. I was experiencing some holiday stress this past week and i unnecessarily let it creep into our relationship. I caused her pain with My uncharacteristic impatience and hyper sensitivity. she knows I regret doing that.

I do think a little back story is warranted to explain my irritancy, however misguided it was. There is a person that visits us that I find to be an irritant at times. He has a habit of “whispering” to My slut when I am otherwise engaged in conversation or sometimes just right under My nose. My whore is very open with Me that his comments are harmless. she says she can handle it and also put him in his place. she intimates that it’s lack of trust on My part, but she’s really just a little off the mark. It’s him I don’t trust because I find this whispering thing to be a lack of respect to Me, to U/us. I know she has such a sweet disposition that she doesn’t see it this way. As a proper Master I Am tasking and trusting her to handle it. I’ll do My best to stay out of it. I can only hope that she will keep reminding this gentleman that truly innocent comments should rightly be spoken in the public forum. Who knows, It’s highly likely I will totally agree with him on how sexy she looks today or how intelligent her comments on the world are! She always inspires such compliments from anyone she meets!

Now, all that angst aside, I need only to look back at the stacks of posts in this diary over a decade to easily see how completely devoted she is to Me. The writings are pointed , thoughtful, and consistent. I Am Her Master above all else and she loves, serves, and respects Me. In times of squabble, which have occurred a little more of late, I need to always refer back here to refresh Me on her devotion. she belongs to Me, but she truly doesn’t have to be here. she makes a concerted commitment to attend to Me as my slut / whore / cunt / property. I appreciate it more than I can say. But I will always , always work to ensure she knows it.

I will also endeavor to work on My primary role as Master. she needs that part of Me to be better and I will work on that as no relationship is stagnant. There must always be forward progress. I know what I am to her, and I know what she needs. I Am “thankful” for her “giving”

Here’s to more patience on My part, and some empathy on hers. For if her Man fails, it be only from cherishing her too much……

In closing, I emphasize this post Is not made from being overly “self conscious “. It’s made to keep fulfilling the contract of communication.

Master Connor
Thank You so very much for expressing Your feelings of thanks so eloquently, Master. We both recognize that the last week or two has been bumpy -- perhaps the bumpiest of our decade together. But i for one know that every road can have bumps, and that in this instance the bumps were from more than one source. But what allows us to persevere is our undying commitment. There are not too many women who can claim both a wonderful husband AND a wonderful Master. i am one and i know how much i cherish and need both. i gave You my commitment a decade ago and my words and commitments stand strong.

Thank you for accepting and having me. i cannot imagine what it would be like without You.