Trapped inside the world of words

Configurations of self
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2022-11-25 05:13:01 (UTC)

I was observing closely as I ..

I was observing closely as I watched my doubt, fear, curiosity, and intuition walk back and forth, back and forth, and it seemed from where I was observing that they didn’t have a clue which direction to start their journey. I tried asking them what motivates them to choose a direction, but they didn’t acknowledge my question at all. I was basically not even in their same reality. So since they couldn’t recognize my existence i started thinking about other things, and some time elapsed but then they caught my attention again because I noticed that their repetitive route of back and forth had changed, and now they were headed straight towards the dimension of my feelings, and I quickly thought to myself: “there’s no way they could walk forward and cross dimensions so easily,” but that’s exactly what they did. It looked as if they were completely defying the laws of consciousness. But there they were suspended in mid air walking upside down, so it seemed from my point of view, walking forward on a path that was created with my feelings. So I guess it doesn’t matter which dimensional plane exists inside of consciousness because apparently there are dimension bridges that the characters of the mind can easily travel across.

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