Summer Storm

Beneath all my darkest fears
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2022-11-25 01:17:08 (UTC)

Angels and Ladybug

When lying in bed with Raquel.

- Mum, do angels get tired ?
- I don't think so honey, but why would you think they do ?
- Because they fly at the speed of light and they are always saving us for trouble! It has to be tiring..
- I really don't know, but I always imagined them having infinite energy. However, if you want to be a nice friend of angels, you can try to stay away from trouble and spare them from worries.
- Oh, they don't mind, they have kindness !

What a nerve, so she asked not because she cares about them, but just to be sure they have the energy to put up with her naughtiness 😅

- Have you ever felt you were saved by an angel?
- Many times! The other day, when jumping from a branch to another in our tree, I almost landed my hand on top of a nail that is stuck there with the sharp side up. It was 3 centimetres away! I could had my hand deep buried in that that nail. I'm sure it was an angel who prevented it to happen.
- I see. Tomorrow you'll have to show me where that nail is, we have to remove it.
- Ok. But one time I was as angry at my angel, he didn't care! When I hurt myself on Gustavo's knife, remember?
- Yes I do, you were very disobedient and stubborn, we've told you to not touch his things.
- I know, but even so...
- You shouldn't be angry at angels darling, we have no idea how it is like. Maybe he was forbidden to help you because you must learn from your mistakes. How do you know he didn't cry afterwards?

And suddenly I remebered that sentence from Severance:
"What I just did was something I knew that you could handle and grow from. It was very painful for me. I hope that you'll let it help you."

- Have you ever touch somebody's belongings without permission again?
- No...
- You see? Maybe the angel helped you more than you think by letting you bleed.
- Hum. Mum?
- Hum?
- Now can you pretend to be Cat Noir and I'm Ladybug?
- Of course My Lady. For 5 minutes.