taking heed
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2022-11-24 18:29:37 (UTC)

2 things

1) "beat on the bratt" continues to deftly and perfectly produce favourable results (hee). yeah, up to 6-0 now. the best start ever in my fantasy career - all time. and i still have every original member of my drafted team on the team. every one. ikr. another first. wow! i mean, thompson and ullmark, the 2 best goalers in the league - i drafted them 9th and 11th respectively. because it's an emergency how good i drafted this team. an emergency for the other guys in the league, that is. 911 inside job.

2) the resurrection of my coffee table plant. just a small dinky plant you could find near the checkout line of a big box hardware store or whatever idk i don't go to stores. might be in the cacti family. -- anyway, it has been through neglect and falls and, i don't know it seemed dead with browning wilted leaves that i never got around to getting rid of. i really don't think it was watered for 3 months... and then, a couple weeks ago, these tiny tiny growths, budding from the exact center of this deathly looking, dry ass soil, crunchy, crumbling leaves. it's not possible. it has no reason or means for this. yet it does anyway... noticing that, the first time, witnessing life anew out of those conditions, right on my coffee table.. it was as impactful as anything i've seen lately. i've been carrying it with me. and i've since trimmed away the detritus and watered it a few times. it flourishes.