Experienced Life
2022-11-24 15:12:37 (UTC)

It's such a sweet quiet day :)

Had a great night's sleep. They let us off of work at 12PM yesterday. Perfect timing since my Amazon Cube came in. Jailbreaking it was the first thing I did. So now, it is able to watch any and all shows I want pretty much. But of course, I'm a good boy and would never think of watching a show that isn't free to watch. Of course just in case I accidently see something I'm not supposed to, I subscribed to a vpn service.

Woke up feeling so refreshed. Gym is closed today so body gets to rest a but. Cooked breakfast and now chilling with a cup of coffee watching my Cowboys play.

After this game, I may wash and wax my truck which is somehow like my zen time. Don't ask me why but it does. Or... I may put up the outdoor Christmas decorations.

I'm loving today. Just so relaxing. The weather is perfect in the mid 60s. Can't really ask for more. Well, there may be one thing but I'm a typical man so we are always wanting the nasty.

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