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2022-11-24 11:54:20 (UTC)

Cringe reading my old entries

Well hullo everyone!

This... was a ride. But per usual, I luckily only did like 7 entries? Making it sound like I was an immature stuck up child, who didn't appreciate what she had. This was not the case...
The case was, that I was an undiagnosed autistic, adhd and depressed girl, who did not understand the world and vise versa.

But man, is it hilarious to read, with the knowledge I have now. I am no where near happy yet, but I am trying. I have had more and more misfortune, but there is happiness also.
Lifechanging moments, that have been good, bad and everything else in between.

So will I, now that I am 36, able to keep up a journal?
Noone knows!

But I am here for everyone, that needs a helping hand!