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2022-11-24 06:52:25 (UTC)

Finally got hired somewhere

Well I'm back in Florida and I finally got hired somewhere. The bouncer took me to dance on stage for two songs and said you're good he just wants to work some day shifts in order to work nights also. So I said ok. It seemed too good to be true though because last time nowhere even would give me a chance so that seemed way too easy. I mean I felt like I looked hot I spent extra time getting ready but I have horrible luck. So he tells me to fill out paperwork and asks if I wanted to work tonight I said sure. Then he sends another bouncer my way to teach me the ropes and he's explaining parking how they valet cars starting at 7. Then I asked ok so for day shift I can just park myself though? He looked at me confused and was like you're working day shift? I said well they said I could do both. Then he grabs me brings me to the head manager and says hey man which shifts is this girl is supposed to work? And he said "days." Then he said well never mind then you can go now, come back for day shift Friday. I said but I thought I could both. He said no I just asked him you're only days.

I feel so stupid about that if I had just kept my big mouth shut I could probably have started making money tonight and worked nights also. But he said day shift is 5 pm-midnight so that might not be so bad. Could be when the business guys come in. So I'm trying to count my blessings and be happy about it. The only annoying thing is driving there now may hit rush hour. But it's something. I'm thankful to have found something out here. I'm going crazy being alone out here. Ruben is busy now and says he won't have time to help me til January probably now and I know nobody here. Tomorrow is thanksgiving and I have no stable family and been feeling so alone and ostracized. Hopefully come Friday I'll start getting back into the working groove and start to find my place out here.