Pillar of Light

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2022-11-24 00:47:20 (UTC)


The book of Enoch

Mohammed speaking to trees.

The movie the Liberian

Somehow these are the connections with my last 3 dreams. The 3rd one was last night but it was too scary for me to recall because I don’t want to think about it too much.
For my own memory I’ll write about it briefly: it was me and my oldest son in the Pilar of light being called by god to go on a journey. I knew I couldn’t refuse gods request but I was worried about losing my son.

I didn’t hear about Mohammed speaking to trees until just now when I was telling my middle son about my previous dream: “elite species”. He said wait you were speaking to trees like Mohammed? I got chills, I asked why he did that? He said yea everyone knows that.
He also suggested that the 3 human like figures could have been 3 different beings, not 3 of a kind.

My family was never religious, and a few years ago my mother had a dream that the prophet Mohammed came to her. He spoke words in a different language, that she researched through religious people and found out that the words existed in an ancient language. They were all words used to describe Mohammed. It was definitely a spiritual message from above, and it happened when she was going through the loss of her son.

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