Pillar of Light

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2022-11-23 22:47:25 (UTC)

More Social

Went to see Gavin today. We had a great time as usual. I’m glad he said something as we were about to leave. We’ve been using a trashy motel, because it’s the only place that will let him use cash and not put his ID on file if he throws them a tip.
I complained a few times but I understand the caution with having credit card charges.
So he was finally like, yeah this place grossed me out too. I think it’s the last time we’ll come here. I said yes it’s definitely not worth it to be here, I’m sure your not gonna commit a crime for someone to trace your hotel check ins.

I picked up my oldest son from school early. He recently got his permit so I took him to drive around. First I let him practice in a park parking lot, then I let him drive around some side streets. I was nervous but I told him to drive all the way home.
He has to get confident if I ever want him to get his license.
He was proud of himself when we got home, even jokingly bragging about what a good driver he is.
I’m proud of him too. My first baby is learning to drive and soon he’ll be graduating high school. It’s happy and scary and emotional.

When I got home I went to my middle sons room. He was watching one of the Rocky movies on his computer. He were just talking about it yesterday. It was an odd coincidence that I used a quote from the movie, and said “you don’t know what that’s from” but he jumped up and said YES ITS FROM ROCKY! I just watched that one with the Russian. I was so impressed that he took an interest in a movie from my day.
I started chatting with him about what part he’s up to, as I got on to his bed. He hopped in too but jokingly kicking out of his room, saying I’m too big and broke his bed. He started complaining about his arm muscles….I think it was his way about saying he is insecure about his body and wants to be stronger, muscular. So I had him pick up his dumbbell and show me 10 curls on each arm. I knew he could do it, just wanted to show him he was strong. Same time I told him a couple of other exercises he had to do besides just lifting to get his core strength.

After that my sister came by to visit with her baby. I rarely have anyone come visit anymore so it was really nice.

I go back in forth in my head about whether I like having a full house and entertaining guests….or if I prefer it quiet and just being by myself with my family.
I guess it should be a good mix of the two. The problem is that I’ve gotten so used to being alone just me and the kids, I find it more comfortable.
That’s definitely not healthy, I know I should be pushing myself to be more social. Having friends and family over once in a while.
Add it to my list of things to work on.