Configurations of identity

Configurations of self
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2022-11-23 18:49:47 (UTC)

I inserted a dream into the ..

I inserted a dream into the coin slot and selected E5, but that life got stuck in the machine, and now I’m frantically pressing the reset button to get my dream back.

Are dreams their own virtual reality?

Is the realness of the real its own real reality with no virtual infrastructure?

What part of reality do words exist inside of? What part of the brain reads words and interprets them as having substance in a reality?

The mind drifts like clouds in the sky. Are clouds a part of the real realness without virtuality included? People and their reactions to one another are like the periodic table of elements. Are social interactions a part of the real realness of reality?

It’s just me and my brain, but I’m not certain on the “me” aspect.

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