Never Broken
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2022-11-23 14:55:47 (UTC)


I have not had the time or inclination to write for a while, and for this, I am sorry. We are moving into my mother’s temporarily until we can find a flat. We did find a possibility, we just have to finish the application process.

When we moved in, we were given clickers to get into the building, garage, etc. In order to get an extra clicker, since S was not on the lease, I had to pay an extra £250. She duely paid me for this in short order. We must turn the clickers in when we vacate on Sunday. She will not return the clicker to me until I give her back her £250 pounds which I cannot do until after the day were are supposed to vacate. If we still have an entry into the building or flat, we have not vacated and therefore, a judgment will be entered against me in court and then finding a place to rent will be damn near impossible. I do not even have the energy to be angry. I tried to explain it to her that when a person pays here for covered parking, do they get to take the covered parking space with them when they leave? Of course not. She didn’t seem to care.

Anyway, she is clearing out her things. All the boys’ things are cleared out and I will be doing mine Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

In case I have any Amwerican readers, have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving. Despite it all, I have a lot to be thankful for this year.

As a final side note, S is not moving to my mother’s as she is not welcome there. She is going to divide her time between her boyfriend’s and her car. A part of me definitely wants to rent a smaller place without her, but even if she would do that to us, I can’t do it to her.