Configurations of identity

Configurations of self
2022-11-22 19:50:14 (UTC)

Watching behind the scenes ..

Watching behind the scenes footage of a movie that raised me is like watching Santa Claus take off his outfit in the store’s back room and then watch him drive off in his four door sedan.

What’s behind the scenes of behind the scenes? That’s what I’m trying to reach or see. But this is the equivalent of a crowded street watching the production of a low budget movie trying to breach the barriers of exclusivity.

The anonymity of anonymity is still vulnerable regardless of the place that shares anonymous words, because each word has an origin and accent.

Earth’s climate and its seasonal manic depressive vortices mixing and matching into colors of rains and hues exhausting efforts to uplift the seismic essence of reality’s non-existence to classify and label it as forever-in-a-day.

I wish words were like air molecules and not read like words at all, having the velocity to move from one place to another.

I wanted to be free as you revealed to be, and I know I’ll never be what you are, and the reflection of myself was too harsh to stay in my world of delusion

But then, what is this going to develop into, just another delusion?

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