Dream Scribe

2022-11-23 08:33:00 (UTC)

Love's Capacity.

It isn't blind.
Love sees better than anything else in this life.
It also looks past the mistakes ;
The folly of humankind ;
The natural order of chaos.

Love suffers and love is patient.
You see me far better than I see you.
This unfair advantage
Leaves me speechless ;
Unable to guide this ship
It's not my ship to steer.
At all.

Love begins and love ends.
The Infinity of it.
Makes my heart Sink and Soar
At the same time.

Chance is best left
For the Lovers' Gamble ;
Kissing Cousins,
Kings and Queens
Of the night.

And for this,
I am responsible.
not really....

Go on, show me,
That you love me,
More than life itself.
I'll show you
A heart bigger ;
Far broader ;
Much more deeper
than a moonlit sky ;
A star scattered lake,
A raging river ;
A newborn baby's cry.

Being well-versed
In love's cynicism
Makes no sense
To the Poet's Bed.
So you do the math.
I have no understanding
Of numbers...
At all.