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2022-11-11 06:13:42 (UTC)

Kolkata trip and there after

Worst trip of my life.
So we went to Kolkata with P, her mom, aunt and uncle. Firstly we went by train and it was boring and waste of time. We reached there and the place was an old bungalow, old furniture andddd and anddddd my fear was reality dirty old bathrooms omg.... I was so worried than I began searching for hotel but to my bad hotels were far and not good. I had no option. I could sense that this is not gonna be a good trip and it wasn't in real too.
They had some big pooja going on like durgapooja and hence all public transport were shut down now what more bad should we expect? we had to stay at home for 3 days, I hardly had any delicacies, home could food wasn't that comforting, I had less water to avoid washroom, I pooped only 3 days in all 6 days. bed was horrific but we slept on it whole day. on a day before our flight we had been to zoo which was good as I never had been to one, we visited Victoria palace, had good lunch after many days and went shopping but couldn't buy much only sarees to my in laws, noting for my kids or mom and sis or myself because couldn't do much in 1 day. Next day we had an early flight and I was o happy to escape. I was quite disappointed as I wanted to spend a good time with mom before I leave for Canada. Lets see if we get chance in coming months.
After Kolkata I came at my in laws and 2 days before my SIL has come. Ill visit mom on Siya's birthday. My in laws might leave for US in Dec and Ill move to mom I guess won't get much time to spend and ill be all busy in getting ready for Canada. Lets see... phewwww