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Starting over
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2022-11-22 00:07:15 (UTC)

was healing

Well I thought I was healing, until Mike sent a photo of Panther's paw prints that came in the mail today. Mike was able to get a new neurologist and has an appointment tomorrow, I am so thankful that he was able to get in right away. I kicked ass today at work, had a great day and it went by fast, then I got that photo, so any energy I had is gone, drained emotionally in tears. So I had planned on doing a little cleaning tonight I have done nothing but sit on the couch listening to music. Well, the same 4 songs over and over haha Jelly Roll.

Mike is in bed, watching tv, said he doesn't feel good. Doesn't need anything so I am just leaving him alone. Well for about 15 more minutes, I am so tired. So his 'space' is about to be interrupted.

Piece begins with me~

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