Pillar of Light

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2022-11-21 17:05:55 (UTC)

Man of the house

It’s the last week of November and the air conditioners are still in the windows. I tried not to say anything to my husband when the summer ended. I shouldn’t have to ask him to do things that he should notice himself need to be done.
When I ask him to do simple manly jobs like yard work, he makes me feel like I’m bossing him around and nagging. He knows I’ll end up doing it. But it’s not fair. I’m a 125 lbs woman. He’s a big man. I get cat called while doing yard work from passing by cars. I like my privacy and don’t like people to check out my ass while I’m working. It doesn’t make sense that I have to be in that situation.

He doesn’t pay attention to the house. The last couple of weeks I did ask him to take down the air conditioners, even brought the drill up from the basement and left it for him to see.
He complained a few times about how cold it was at night….I said well it would help if the windows were closed.

This morning I couldn’t wait anymore so I took out the air conditioner from my room while I was waiting for my croissants to bake.

I’m gonna do the other 2 next, but I’ll leave them on the floor so I don’t have to lift them up to the attic. Most likely they will sit there until I can’t clean around them any longer and I’ll carry them upstairs myself.