Pillar of Light

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2022-11-21 14:57:06 (UTC)

Dream: The end of books

I had a dream last night that the government was going around collecting all the books from libraries to destroy.
Me and other people were Standing in front of the bookshelf’s in protest.
The government worker that walked to the shelf I was standing in front of was dressed in normal clothing, and was a tall average looking black man. But he was like a robot, didn’t speak, very focused and non expressive collecting the books into his bins.
It looked as if he was just tossing them in, but when I took a closer look the top of the bin had separate areas. He was sorting them with specific instructions.
He has not done in one shot, he had to take what he could fit and hand delivery it somewhere far and come back for multiple trips.

I didn’t know what the reason was in my dream. I was only thinking, why is the government going out of their way to do this. They have to pay this worker to travel back and forth doing the job so detailed. They weren’t planning to destroy all the books after all, they were looking for something important.