Dream Scribe

2022-11-21 08:17:00 (UTC)

Dragonfly Stream.

I dreamt a dream last night.
It was as light as a Dragonfly's Wing :
Floated me over
Vast Dunes, Low Valleys, Tall Brick Castles ;
Landed me on a soft bed
Between huge drifting clouds
And a deep, blue sky.

(That was yesterday's game.)

Made of a Lightning Strike
and a heavy Thunderstorm.
Dreams are foolhardy creatures.
There's no wonder in such truth ;
I will accept.

I dreamt the Green Dragon was chasing me.
Its scales were shimmering
With fire.
I had no sword for defense ;
No strength for fight ;
No stamina for endurance.
The Dragon left its
Bloody Footprints
all over my soul.
I wept for Peace.

With His Heel,
He bruised The Serpent's head.
In His Agony, The Angel held Him.
With His Life, He Saved you and I.
And God made us a little lower
than The Angels and
Crowned us with Glory.

I dreamed a Dream.
A fever of evil broke out
On the Face of the Earth.
It's forehead and left cheek
Grew Abscesses
A Secret Inferno.
Divine Surgery will fix it.

Once bit, thrice shy.

Follow me...there is no
Garden Path.