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Starting over
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2022-11-20 16:25:19 (UTC)


The MRI result came back that it was NOT in my bones, thank you Jesus! So, Mike was able to pick me up. He stopped and got us something to eat, I went home, showered and passed the fuck out. This morning he drove me to the hospital where my car was, stopped and got me a coffee and a vape (didn't even ask him) then when we got to my car he told me to wait until my car warmed up, then he scraped all the windows for me. I went to my parents to visit and he went to pick up over 200 pounds of meat from his boss, then he went and got groceries. We are both home now. He still is so fricking nice to me, he asked me today why I was staring at him I just smiled my sweet little smile and said "I'm going to win you back"

We are both here, he is cooking dinner tonight, fish. I am so excited I love his cooking. My hand is way better today, broke open last night, I am pretty clumsy and tend to bang my hands into walls and stuff when I walk. It is 90 percent functional so that is good. Pain is a mild ache, so I am on the mend thank God.

I am not going to do too much today, just going to relax and enjoy my last day before going back to work after another week off, minus 5 hours