Pillar of Light

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2022-11-20 02:46:42 (UTC)

Anything to feel alive

I’m so tired. I feel like my soul wants to leave my body. I don’t blame it, her, my higher self.
This life was meant to enjoy. It’s our chance to feel, see, touch, love, live.

My soul is tired. I’m not giving it what it needs. But don’t give up on me yet, not without a fight.

These kids, they will be better than me. I will love them and make sure they don’t have break like I have from this cold world. I can show them it will be alright if I can hold on and even fake it when I have to.

It’s getting cold and I get seasonal depression. I’ll get through I have to. I may have drank my wine too fast and needed to write my thoughts before I fall asleep