Pillar of Light

2022-11-19 15:26:09 (UTC)

Liar liar I hate liars

My husband was an hour and a half late from work last night. I was worried so I did “find my iPhone”. I saw he was at a restaurant in a different town.
I text him saying “wow I guess you forgot you have a wife and kids” . He only responded “wow” back, with no explanation.
He got home being defensive, saying what was your text about?!. I’m like you tell me, your home very late. He said he had potential buyers at the restaurant and stayed late with them.
I said really? So what we’re you doing in Xtown. He was surprised and asked how I knew that. I told him I checked his phone location. With more lies he said he had to drop someone off to his cousin.
I said, well you weren’t at your cousins house…
Then he said “I had a quick coffee with a friend”. I said ok so 3 different stories.

At that point I just got into bed pissed off.

I’m the morning he starts telling me about a problem at work, he got a text from his worker that there was a break in last night! He walks over to me and says “I have to go”, in a mad voice I said ok go, what do you want a kiss goodbye?
He replies oh why are you mad because I had coffee with my friend?
Seriously? That’s why you think I’m mad, think a bit more about why I’m mad.

The man lied repeatedly and I don’t even know if the last thing he told me was the whole truth. If he just went to have coffee with his friend why wouldn’t he just text me to let me know, and why would he lie about it after? It doesn’t make sense.

I don’t suspect he was with a woman, because he was all stinky from work when he got home. He had his brother with him, And he was at a restaurant that people we know go to often, probably not a place he would take a mistress.

I do know one thing from experience ….when your preparing for cheating, the first thing you do is test out lies to see what you can get away with. I have a feeling he is planning to start cheating. And he suck’s at it.