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Starting over
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2022-11-19 14:26:01 (UTC)

Would it be cheating

Let's say there is a marriaged couple. Is it cheating if she plays online all day in a fantasy game where she would have boyfriends and or husband's? Even though there is no actual physical touch and it is not real sex, it's just a 'game' is it cheating?

The woman is pretending to be married on line in a game where they are constantly talking about how they would spend their lives together and living out sexual fantasies.

I feel this is 100% wrong and is cheating. You are taking time away from your real life spouse and if you are that unhappy in your marriage you should get the fuck out. Why would you want to hurt someone that even if you don't love the spouse now, you must have at one point to marry them wouldn't you?

The words that are said between internet strangers are harmful to a spouse why would anyone do that?

I don't get it I am 100% faithful and loyal, when I was leaving my first husband I did meet someone on here. I can see how it happens the feelings were real but nothing came of it but a forever friend

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