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Starting over
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2022-11-19 00:27:55 (UTC)

I want to go home

Still at the stupid hospital, now apparently I have high blood pressure and a low heart rate. They gave me something for pain and blood pressure and I'm just waiting. The plan now is to be released tomorrow with oral antibiotics, then I need to get a MRI as an outpatient since there is a 4 day wait to get one here. Then follow up with the doctor in 10 days. Mike called the doctor and didn't want them to release me until they find out if it's in my bones, he is freaking out that I am going to die. So now we are continuing iv antibiotics and re evaluate it in the morning.

Our medical systems are a joke right now and I'm not even sure we can blame covid anymore . Think it's greed

I am so bored I didn't think I would be here this long I should have brought my laptop, but at least I have my phone. Which is so small and I am so getting old ugh can barely see it.

They just checked my blood pressure again and everything is normal again thank God!

Next week my mom has to have surgery the day before Thanksgiving. This is bad, but I forgot what kind of surgery (so much going on) there are only 2 doctors in our state that perform this specific type of surgery, so that scares me by itself.

The following week my dad has a double bypass to fix a valve and some arteries he is 80 and that scares me by itself

Mike's MS has been acting up, sure due to all the stress I caused, he has been in remission, oh and his neurologist just died so he has to find a new doctor (which right now is not easy to do) he doesn't deserve any of this

Mike's stepmother is in the hospital an hour away, wasn't looking good at all but Mike just told me she is currently stable, his dad is so very broken and this worries me.

I'm still unsure of the state of my marriage, he loves me I know this for fact, but does he love me enough?

If this infection is in my bones it will be 6 more weeks of iv antibiotics, I can do it myself thanks to caring for Chad all those years, I should be able to work to, just take my iv pole with me I guess

A lot of stressful situations coming soon

A lot of bumps in the road ahead

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