Pillar of Light

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2022-11-18 15:06:57 (UTC)

Boring Health stuff & other things

Last night my throat was hurting. I went to bed earlier than usual around 12:30. I woke up before the alarm which hasn’t happened in a while. I thought I was rested but once I started moving around I was not feeling good.
Even my toddler said mommy something is wrong with your eyes, they look gray.

I kept forgetting what I was doing, and leaving things in the wrong place. I really didn’t feel up to leaving the house, but I had to drive my daughter to school and I signed up to read to her class today.

Once I got outside the fresh air made me feel a little better. My daughter was so excited about me being the special reader. Once we walked in she kept telling everyone “my mommy is reading today” “mommy can I sit with you”. I always loved kids, and it was so sweet seeing their little faces while I was reading.
I think if I didn’t go into fashion, working with kids would have been a good option for me. I always enjoyed the company of children more than adults.
It’s their innocent care free energy! Don’t we all wish we can have that again. Kids always seem to give me a look of admiration too. Even when I’m not with my kids, random kids around are usually drawn to me.

My daughter did not want me to leave, she started crying with tears. I tried my best to console her, and tell her she will have so much fun with her teachers and friends. Her teacher helped talk to her too and I had to slip out before she got too clingy.

All 3 of my kids were a bit clingy with me especially at this age. With my daughter it’s a little different. She completely admires me, and is obsessed with being like me and doing everything together. It’s heart warming.

I’m back home having a cup of coffee. I feel crappy again. My mom is coming by to borrow my van to pick up something big. I kind of hope she doesn’t want to come in. I just want to rest for a while until I can snap out of this.