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I Hate Middle School
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2022-11-13 23:00:50 (UTC)



Caucaucaudgejfbjskdbdbaksh *wheezeeeeeeee* jenrvthskwnrvjskqne *gagging noises* ndbevakdjrvvsjsje-

Moral of the story, don’t get curious and take a puff of your moms vape. It’s gross and will make your lungs hate you for the rest of the day.

Ignoring the previous paragraphs, I have a VERY important question… Is it okay to call your friend hot? Cause like, I’ve totally been calling 99% of my friends hot lately. Cause, I mean, it’s true. And sometimes a joke but that’s only for drama club really

Anywayyyyyyyyyy, heyyyyyyyyyy! So, as of late, I’ve been feeling edgy. Probably because I forgot to take my Zoloft for the past week and we’re learning even more difficult math but who’s keeping track~ Either way though, this has caused me to get back into my “cryptic” phase who’s is pretty much just me rediscovering Morse Code and Cesar Cyphers and graffitiing everything in sight. So far I’ve written bored on a desk and ••-• ••- -•-• -•- / -•- - - - - ••- / •- •-•• •-•• On every surface available ^^. Can you tell I’m pissed???