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Notes from my Black
2022-11-18 03:59:11 (UTC)

screaming fast

My internet has been DSL for years. It's not fast... in fact a long time ago I applied to some jobs working from home, but I couldn't meet the qualifications of internet speed. 15 down and .8 up... it's been a thing.

A few weeks ago a company came through the neighborhood and put in fiber. It runs through my front yard. Tomorrow, I will have 1 gig up and down. I'm just weirded out by how fast that will be. I'm certain I don't need all of that, but it's only a few dollars more than my slow internet right now. How could I not?

Anyway, I'm excited enough to actually bore you with the knowledge. You can un-know it now. I get it. No one else but me really cares.

Be well anyway.