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Starting over
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2022-11-17 19:41:22 (UTC)


Happy Birthday to me! I can now officially move into a senior apartment, well 55 and up anyway. I will be spending the day in the hospital as the doctor this morning didn't like the look of my arm and hand so he wants me to stay another day and to see an infectious doctor. Well that doctor was just in and didn't like the fact that it still looks so bad after all these iv antibiotics so she ordered a MRI Stat to see how deep the infection is

She told the nurse to get a mri and also has a surgeon been alerted? The nurse said no not at this time. So I don't know what the fuck is going on. If it's as bad/deep as she thinks it may be then I will need surgery to scrape out the infection. That doesn't sound very pleasant at all so I am willing my body to heal NOW.

Yeah right that is one of my issues I don't listen to anyone else so why would I listen to myself.

Today has been good though, Kim brought me up a mcdonald caramel frappe this morning. My dad brought me up a cheesecake and Mike brought me up fish and chips and candy for my birthday. So that was super nice.

So not the way I planned on spending my day but what can you do?

It is what it is