Evolving marriage
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2022-11-17 07:40:00 (UTC)

I have Returned

Dear Diary,
After about a month, Im back home. (Adult sexual content Warning)

Ive gone thru some big self discovery internal changes over that trip. Having that time alone was important for me. I realized how Ive become in many ways in my marriage relationship, the parts of me Ive suppressed early on to be with him and I just didnt think the things I desired, wanted, were taken into consideration, didnt feel they were an option.

I normally get in the door and attack my husband. Tonight I felt foreign in my home when I walked in, kinda surreal, husband left a teddy bear he got me when dating on the kitchen counter with a handwritten note saying Welcome home and one of my fave cookies.

All I wanted to do was get in my own bed and lay down, he laid next to me and I laid on my side, and passed out on him for 2 hrs!

We had dinner reservations for 6 and it was about 5. I turned over and he spooned me and held my chest from under my shirt, which is our routine and how I like to be held, not over my shirt, but under when Im wearing something.

We ended up having sex, and it was wet and hot. The feelings as it had been a month since Ive had him inside of me, any cock inside of me that is! I only used a dildo twice on the trip, mostly just the vibrator. So I had very little penetration(well my fingers a little on my trip) but overall no.

I was on top of him and wow, it was incredible, the feeling and the amount of wetness and all the things he said to me during it.

Had to stop for dinner, my legs were shaking, and I slipped my jeans and a sweatshirt and boots on, and we headed out for a great dinner which I needed a good meal.

Came home and talked, I shared a lot of things about me, did some crying, he was receptive and kind, and suggested we go back to the bedroom, I walked in, bent over the dresser, and let him take down my pants, and my panties, and fuck me from behind and it was wonderful.

At a certain point it got a little uncomfortable, he has a piercing and the angle didnt feel right anymore so I went over to the bed and laid over it and he continued from behind adding more lube,, and eventually I rolled over on my back, he touched my clit and I told him it was the left side that seems to be the magic spot and moved his hand, and he played with it tonight, normally I dont cum this way, need the vibrator, but tonight, there were no toys, sleeves, vibrators. And he made me cum on his cock and rubbing my clit, Its been awhile since thats happened. I also told him I am a round 2 girl and am often left alone and having to satisfy myself, he said he didnt want that either and he wants me to cum as many times as I want, and tonight he did that..

mY eyes are getting heavy, more later..

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